Container GOLD

Incl. Pitch, Miner & complete consulting for the selection of the right equipment 

"Container Gold" is the complete, uncompromising solution for crypto mining. There is no faster way to set up and operate a mining farm. Benefit from our know-how. In addition to the complete plant, we also offer you a suitable location with inexpensive Swiss electricity. We provide the optimal infrastructure, so that the operational readiness of your hardware can be maintained on a long-term basis.

 We offer the highest security standard; with surveillance cameras and related equipment.

( we recommend customers stay on the "safe side" and insure your containers located in Switzerland).


Container GOLD

90 Miner included

  • Software
  • incl. Hardware-Firewall
  • Raspberry
  • Container
  • Incl. Weather protection grille (rain & snow protection up to max. 2m/s)
  • Incl. dust filter wall
  • Incl. fan (4 pieces, infinitely variable)
  • Incl. ventilation filter
  • Incl. temperature measuring instrument
    Lockable doors
    Optionally with camera monitoring
  • electricity distribution
  • 2x 125 amps provide power for all miners, switches, Hardwarefi rewall, monitoring, ventilation and lighting
Container - Gold


our Miners

In order to be able to achieve yields with powerful mining hardware within an adequate period of time, not only good mining hardware is needed, but also the best power source. Learn more about our hardware components.

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